About Us

Maplandi Group is a Marketing Solutions and Vision empowerment company with a genuine interest to help solve the ignorance and poverty problems of Africa .

Amos D. Yebuah - President
Jonathando Okey - Vice President
All Subsidiary CEOs with Mr. Olorunseyi , Co-Founder, Petinence Group during the dedication of Maplandi Office complex at Agbara, Lagos

Membership of MAPLANDI GROUP is more than just buying a FRANCHISE, but also getting access to platform that is capable of helping you to generate many sources of income and other numerous benefits.

  • Seminars
  • Marketing Service
  • Marketing Consultancy
  • Training
  • Digital Marketing
  • Speaking Engagement
  • Network Marketing
  • Recruitment
  • Partnership and Collaboration

> Real Estate Revolution
> Agricultural Revolution
> Economical Revolution
> Technological Revolution
> Educational Revolution
> Political Revolution
> Health Revolution

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Meet Our CEOs

Jonathando Okey is an astute businessman with positive impact locally and internationally. He has passion for the kingdom of God in the marketplace. Currently, he is the technical director of Hardware Insight, a frontline renewable energy company based in Lagos Nigeria. He is a passionate Agronomist with a goal to develop, build and sustain innovatively in agribusiness in Nigeria before year 2030. Mr. Okey is the Vice president of Maplandi group and the CEO of FarmsMap Ltd. His gospel on wealth creation via innovative ideas and hardwork is striking and compelling. A graduate of Business Studies from Lagos State Polytechnic. He is happily married to Pastor Edith and blessed with three beautiful Princesses
Jonathando Okey
VP Maplandi Group/CEO Farmsmap Ltd
Mr. Odiba is a major player in the entrepreneurial space, both in public and private with two decades experience. His core competencies are in financial management, investment portfolios management, valuation of transactions, business planning and market trends analysis. He is married to Grace Ojochogwu Odiba and blessed with three lovely children A Pan African per excellence, Mr. Odiba has no doubt found himself at home in Maplandi where pan Africanism is bedrock of the group. Currently, he is the CEO, FINMAP LTD.
Paul Odiba
CEO Finmap Limited
Chinyere Anujulu
CEO, Mapnep Limited
Obojoh Julius Uyimigha
CEO, Mapnep Limited
Oluwasanmi Segun Samuel is from Ekiti State, he is a graduate of Ondo State University (now Ekiti State University), Ado Ekiti. He has work in a Maritime/Logistic Company in Portharcourt, where he rose to become the General Manager. He later resigned fron the company in 2005 and started his own business. Over the years, he has handled several logistic projects and was formerly a distributor of an America products here in Nigeria. He came into the Real Estate business in 2013 with Lifepage Property before joining Pertinence Limited in 2014, and have since been a member of the group. He is a member of the management team of Landshares Limited and he is presently a member of the board of directors of MAPLANDI GROUP and the CEO of LANDMAP LIMITED, a subsidiary of the group, in charge of Real Estate and development.
CEO, Landmap Limited
Cosmos Enoch is an Information Communication Technologist and Web Master with work experience spanning over two decades. He holds National Diploma in Computer Studies from a foremost computer training institution in Nigeria in 1990, certification from Institute of Data Processing Management London (IDPM) and several online training and certifications. Mr. Enoch has vast experience and expertise in running and managing all aspect of corporate system environment ranging from system acquisition, installation of both software and hardware, maintenance and support services, systems network infrastructure and configuration. He is the CEO and Lead Web Developer at Ceetech Domain An ICT vending company with specialisation in web development and digital marketing and Social Media.
Enoch Eze Cosmos
CEO, Maptech Limited