your dream is our vision

Maplandi Group is a Marketing Solutions and Vision empowerment company with a genuine interest to help solve the ignorance and poverty problems of Africa .

Our Vision

To Guide, Discover or Rebrand your Dream

Our Mission

Creatively profer marketing solutions through collaboration

Core Value

Impact. Innovation. Honesty.

Maplandi Group of Companies

Maplandi Group of Company has twelve incorporated Limited Liability Companies functioning and operating individually on their own with collaborative partnership among each other.

Maplandi Group of Companies 1st Anniversary Celebration in Lagos Nigeria, 17th June, 2023. Click here to see more pictures

Membership of MAPLANDI GROUP is more than just buying a FRANCHISE

But also getting access to platform that is capable of helping you to generate many sources of income and other numerous benefits

Ambassador Amos D. Yeboah
Maplandi Group Limited

  • Seminars
  • Marketing Service
  • Marketing Consultancy
  • Training
  • Digital Marketing
  • Speaking Engagement
  • Network Marketing
  • Recruitment
  • Partnership and Collaboration

> Real Estate Revolution
> Agricultural Revolution
> Economical Revolution
> Technological Revolution
> Educational Revolution
> Political Revolution
> Health Revolution

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