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Maplandi Group is a Marketing Solutions and Vision empowerment company with a genuine interest to help solve the ignorance and poverty problems of Africa .

Our Vision

To Guide, Discover or Rebrand your Dream

Our Mission

Creatively profer marketing solutions through collaboration

Core Value

Impact. Innovation. Honesty.

Maplandi Group of Companies

Maplandi Group of Company has six incorporated Limited Liability Companies functioning and operating individually on its own. These companies are :-

The first market storming in Ghana 10th January, and also the first for 2023 which also took place in Nigeria at the same time

Landmap Limited

LANDMAP LIMITED is a Real Estate company with core focus in making land and houses available, accessible and affordable to all our clients, irrespective of their socio -economic status.

Finmap Limited

FINMAP is the financial and Education arm of the MAPLANDI GROUP with the primary objective to inculcate in its clientele the culture of wealth creation through determined and intentional financial intelligence training, thrift and savings culture, and a habit of investment in real estate, farming, production and sundry services

Maptech Limited

MapTech Limited is the Technology hub, website development and hosting subsidiary of Maplandi Group. Maptech is primarily setup to help businesses overcome challenges, set and achieve business goals by delivering the right business tools through technology


Prosdumap Limited

Prosdumap is the Manufacturing & Production arm of Maplandi group, with the aim to Industrialised Africa & advace Economic growth through Technological innovations.

Farmsmap Limited

FarmsMap Ltd is the Agricultural arm of Maplandi group . We are setup primarily to simplify innovatively agricultural practices making it full of fun with all modern technology thereby attracting a lot of stakeholders into agrobusiness.

Mapnep Limited

MAPNEP LIMITED, A K A "My African Project, Network of Entrepreneurs and Professionals" is a subsidiary of MAPLANDI GROUP LIMITED. This subsidiary houses different categories of Professionals and entrepreneurs, and tasked to sanitize the entire African Professionals' space.

Membership of MAPLANDI GROUP is more than just buying a FRANCHISE

But also getting access to platform that is capable of helping you to generate many sources of income and other numerous benefits

Our Subsidiaries

Ambassador Amos D. Yeboah
Maplandi Group Limited

  • Seminars
  • Marketing Service
  • Marketing Consultancy
  • Training
  • Digital Marketing
  • Speaking Engagement
  • Network Marketing
  • Recruitment
  • Partnership and Collaboration

> Real Estate Revolution
> Agricultural Revolution
> Economical Revolution
> Technological Revolution
> Educational Revolution
> Political Revolution
> Health Revolution

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